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Pacific Ocean Salmon with Fresh Vegetables52136123718
Pan-fried Tomatoes13161730
PAPA JOHN'S 14" Cheese Pizza, Original Crust304113813-3
PAPA JOHN'S 14" Cheese Pizza, Thin Crust257142311-3
PAPA JOHN'S 14" Pepperoni Pizza, Original Crust338153715-3
PAPA JOHN'S 14" The Works Pizza, Original Crust367164116-3
Paprika Chicken241148204
Parmesan Baked Fish197118160
Parmesan Chicken Fingers With Lemon254127297
Pasta & Vegetables48520502817
Pasta Carbonara61840451917
Pasta Primavera377484314
Pasta Salad With Artichoke Hearts & Sprouts18343165
Pasta W/ Broccoli And Garlic4551175169
Pasta w/Shrimp & Sundrieds61013764310
Peach large6101510
Peach medium380910
Peach small310810
Peanut Butter and Jam English Muffin28594410-1
Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich2199298-1
Peanut Stuffed Chicken Breast4291942271
Pear large12103210
Pear medium9602610
Pear small8102110
Pecan Banana Bread19782947
Penne In Tomato Sauce With Crabmeat34694321-3
Penne With Shrimp And Bacon3571626273
Penne With Smothered Scallops Tomato Basil3431037287
Penne With Tomato Black Olive And Feta2521520119
Penne With Tomatoes & Snow Peas2528371017
Peppers Bell9312240
Pineapple -Chicken Teriyaki24162521-5
Pineapple slice4201103
Pineapple-Lemon Chicken3101125294
Pinto Bean Salad239829146
PIZZA HUT 12" Cheese Pizza, Regular Crust260103011-3
PIZZA HUT 12" Cheese Pizza, Thick Crust280133012-3
PIZZA HUT 12" Cheese Pizza, THIN N CRISPY Crust209102011-3
PIZZA HUT 12" Pepperoni Pizza, Regular Crust269113012-3
PIZZA HUT 12" Pepperoni Pizza, Thick Crust286142911-3
PIZZA HUT 12" Super Supreme Pizza, Regular Crust309143314-3
PIZZA HUT 14" Cheese Pizza, Regular Crust271113212-3
PIZZA HUT 14" Cheese Pizza, Thick Crust266122811-3
PIZZA HUT 14" Cheese Pizza, THIN N CRISPY Crust225102212-3
PIZZA HUT 14" Pepperoni Pizza, Regular Crust290123312-3
PIZZA HUT 14" Pepperoni Pizza, Thick Crust253122510-3
PIZZA HUT 14" Super Supreme Pizza, Regular Crust305133214-3
Plain Toasted Bagel294258110
Plum Salad3352039617
Poached Chicken Breasts1929424-2
Poached Eggs634063
Poached Fish With Orange Sauce235133223
Pomegranate Smoothie1832376-1
Pork Chop Skillet Dinner2531113253
Pork Chops And Rice3111519243
Pork With Rice And Olives4011143287
Portabella Mushroom Sandwich4041656128
Potato & Egg Casserole3221432186
Potato Burrito284133593
Potato Dumplings408483126
Potato Pancake Wedges23283376
Potato Pancakes24705573
Potato Salad59128801012
Potato-Cabbage Casserole4761559223
Prawns And Spinach Salad239921194
Pureed Vegetable Soup With Broccoli Florets181333818