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Falafels and Pita Bread4511566199
Far Eastern Rice Loaf4942434369
Fast and Fit Clam Chowder542687376
Fettuccine With Peas And Ham5132745259
Fettuccine With Shrimp40516432510
Fiesta Chicken4763610294
Fiesta Chowder3039163917
Fiesta Fish And Pasta3651140276
Fillet De Sole Catalane2521111245
Fillet Mosaic With Red Pepper Sauce27781829-1
Fish And Peppers12918229
Fish And Potato Platter290929259
Fish Fillets223134220
Flounder Au Gratin27371535-1
Flounder Or Sole Fillets8812175
French Bread Pizza5181360398
French Toast Cheddar Sandwiches2471025153
Fresh Roasted Peppers9812240
Fresh Spinach Salad2541910135
Fresh Tomato Soup122123815
Fresh Veggie Stir-fry84216315
Fried Rice2431132511
Fruit `N Nut Hot Cereal31576774
Fruit Salad34518847
Fruit Salad8702219
Fruit Salad Parfait13122376
Fruit Salad w/ whipped topping32428332
Fruit Salad w/ Yogurt38129197
Fruit Salad With Nuts25364877
Fruited Rice Salad418137085
Fusilli With Roasted Tomatoes Asparagus & Shrimp3017352512