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Cabbage Fruit Salad With Sour-Cream1696302-5
Cabbage Roll Casserole37821232413
Caesar Salad340756153
Calico Salad271143356
Canadian Flapjacks64212120150
Cantaloupe wedge large350810
Cantaloupe wedge medium230610
Cantaloupe wedge small190400
Cantonese Casserole3081816201
Capital Chicken Skillet40512313414
Caribbean Ginger Turkey314102828-10
Carrot And Ginger Soup17243525
Carrot And Onion Puff22110201712
Carrot Bread287183139
Carrot Salad305154239
Carrot-Fennel Soufflé2191219103
Carrots Glacees23893923
Carrot-Walnut Bread8805493119
Cashew Chicken41523193612
Cashew Chicken Chop Suey192582910
Casserole BBQ Chicken5112337401
Cauliflower And Cheese179101699
Cauliflower Cheese Soufflé418319273
Celery And Cabbage Bake293142715-3
Celery With Pine Nuts956923
Cheddar-Potato-Broccoli Soup3961844199
Cheese and Crackers276182090
Cheese And Rice Casserole228533138
Cheese Cauliflower2921723140
Cheese Scalloped Corn2991729115
Cheesy Grilled Flounder300154362
Cheesy Stuffed Chicken Breasts4572031405
Cherry Cheddar Bread2828457-2
Cherry Glazed Ham33955122-11
Chick Pea - Zucchini Curry35510581420
Chicken & Pea Pods197417229
Chicken Adobo13727204
Chicken And Apple Sauté214719192
Chicken and Asparagus Stir Fry3098292912
Chicken and Avocado Salad48931233510
Chicken And Broccoli Bake3782017344
Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry3138293013
Chicken And Cashew Nuts218812254
Chicken And Fresh Vegetable Provencale1913192210
Chicken and Mushroom Stir Fry3118293013
Chicken And Mushrooms245917223
Chicken And Peppers2351015223
Chicken and Peppers Curry39922252910
Chicken and Peppers Stir Fry3108292910
Chicken and Pumpkin Curry39122242913
Chicken and Rice4151038404
Chicken And Rice Salad With Cashews4701559267
Chicken and Spanish Rice3456413016
Chicken And Sweet Pepper Stir-Fry17369227
Chicken And Vegetable Casserole3608423116
Chicken And Vegetable Stir Fry2839331612
Chicken And Yellow Rice3491042249
Chicken Asparagus And Red Pepper2211011218
Chicken Braised In Walnut Sauce42031112710
Chicken Breast and Salad202414287
Chicken Breast with Broccoli and Sweet Potato328932307
Chicken Breast with Cauliflower and Sweet Potato322931297
Chicken Breast with Green Pepper and Sweet Potato327933284
Chicken Breasts In Mustard Sauce469407224
Chicken Breasts With Spicy Rub168610200
Chicken Breasts With Tomato Sauce41326182619
Chicken Breasts Xeres173921910
Chicken Cacciatore29916172215
Chicken Cacciatore #22591020217
Chicken Chop Suey2507242412
Chicken Chow Mein #122410102210
Chicken Enchiladas4291838327
Chicken Fettuccine51026353521
Chicken Imperial319253194
Chicken In Black Bean Sauce19488213
Chicken In Plum Sauce4123017194
Chicken In Spicy Sauce355191233-3
Chicken Marsala22271027-2
Chicken Milanese265147274
Chicken Parmesan3592193310
Chicken Parmesan 23592193310
Chicken Parmigiana3381233254
Chicken Pasta Italiana224813201
Chicken Pita3641035355
Chicken Romano180104196
Chicken Salad2278135-2
Chicken Salad3931523391
Chicken Salad Deluxe5193917292
Chicken Salad Supreme494203447-2
Chicken Sandwich261928166
Chicken Sandwich307451223
Chicken Sandwich with Milk3021034216
Chicken Satay3351917280
Chicken Soup3561524309
Chicken Stir-Fry With Spaghetti33318202212
Chicken With Asparagus248177188
Chicken With Avocado Salsa2451020227
Chicken With Grapes14121118-1
Chicken With Green & Red Pepper14436204
Chicken With Honey And Curry2661421154
Chicken With Lemon2481710169
Chicken With Lemon Grass And Chili230917203
Chicken With Mushroom Sauce2391012234
Chicken With Orange Sauce2991033219
Chicken With Peppercorn Sauce341273207
Chicken With Plum Sauce1989819-2
Chicken With Snow Peas311436333
Chicken With Water Chestnuts4453211274
Chicken With Wine And Herbs14822181
Chicken-Asparagus Rolls18966240
Chicken-Vegetable Tetrazzini358744286
Chickpea Salad With Garlic-Cumin Vinaigrette3021634812
Chili Rice230244515
Chili Rice Casserole221727113
Chili Shrimp With Basil19069261
Chili Soup5062834314
Chinese Barbeque Pork2611115253
Chinese Beef With Cashews2661452912
Chinese Chicken Casserole4151834297
Chinese Chicken Cooked With Rice4681657213
Chinese Chicken Stuffed Peppers2757292418
Chinese Mixed Vegetables291327
Chinese Pasta Salad With Creamy Ginger Dressing55445221717
Chinese Style Fried Rice197102246
Chinese Tuna Steaks On The Grill385187479
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread2369374-5
Chocolate Protein Shake with Banana365335492
Chocolate Shake19323412-3
Chop Suey266177219
Chow Mein (chicken)48122373510
Chow Mein Casserole4432527274
Citrus Grain Salad287852517
Clam Chowder4681643377
Club Sandwiches3631333296
Coconut Bread Pudding18182461
Coconut Chicken Curry4832247269
Cold Bean Salad47328441415
Cold Broccoli Salad425206088
Cold Spicy Noodles261192045
Company Microwave Rice14061848
Confetti Potato Casserole298114396
Continental Eggs291928158
Corn Cakes with Cottage Cheese and a Banana303341304
Corn Chowder33211541213
Corn Light bread1772345-4
Corn Meal Muffins41218579-2
Corn Pudding4562148232
Corn Soup5063153152
Corned Beef Casserole6333153366
Cornish Under Roasted Potatoes33607796
Cottage Cheese and Pepper16326282
Cottage Cheese and Pineapple202216295
Cottage Cheese-Spinach Casserole3001612285
Country Fresh Baked Eggs201153136
Country Fried Steak359153025-7
Couscous With Eggplant12061426
Crab And Corn Cakes446769299
Crab Broccoli Casserole3642321211
Crab Casserole3091410354
Crab Quiche6194524307
Crab Sandwich Melt3071131234
Crab With Snow Peas514967352
Crabmeat And Grapefruit Salad4522920314
Crabs With Ginger And Green Onions272153304
Crackers and Hummus20663273
Cranberry Muffins57133636-4
Cranberry Nut Bread2438384-1
Cranberry-Stuffed Acorn Squash4411116712
Cream Mushroom Soup4702635250
Cream Of Carrot Soup291202466
Cream Of Mushroom Soup #214022293
Cream Of Potato Soup29075186
Cream Of Smoked Salmon Soup416306296
Creamed Spinach2741721160
Creamy Carrot Soup146324712
Creamy Chicken & Mushrooms35515302510
Creamy Egg And Vegetable Bake40520302712
Creole Crab And Rice246833117
Creole Shrimp1572924-5
Creole Stuffed Artichokes40622262912
Creole Stuffed Eggplant15982245
Creole Zucchini1821019815
Crispy Baked Fish And Herbs309143390
Crispy Coconut Shrimp182421144
Crispy Mustard Chicken198713221
Crispy Oven-Fried Chicken23059350
Crispy Potato Chicken2644352313
Crock-Pot Beef Vegetable Soup3094472210
Crockpot Cheese And Macaroni4532830213
Crockpot Chicken And Herb Dumplings3881438244
Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore2923402513
Crockpot New England Pot Roast3351526269
Crockpot Onion Mushroom Roast17174198
Crockpot Perfect Meatloaf229147184
Crockpot Sweet And Sour Chicken37936722-2
Crunchy Bean Sprouts With Beef13474141
Crunchy Greens22116131011
Crunchy Pea Salad27320151011
Cuban Beans And Rice3068501012
Cucumber And Potato Soup369184686
Cucumber And Sesame Seed Salad1085926
Cucumber In Sour Cream Salad302241760
Cucumber Relish Salad23912304-3
Cucumber Salad1251233-3
Cucumber Stir Fried With Pork19512417-3
Cucumber Vegetable Salad13671536
Cumin Baked Chicken321265197
Cumin Crusted Chicken Salad120341910
Cup of Milk 1%10221280
Cup of Milk 2%12251280
Cup of Milk Non Fat8301280
Curried Chicken & Mango Salad251427282
Curried Cream Of Chicken Soup5612054409
Curried Rice And Carrots9921836