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Bicep Exercises

StartEndNameDifficultyJointEquipment Needed
Basic CrunchBasic LowIsolation(Body Weight)
Basic Knee Raise on BallBasic LowIsolation(Ball)
Suspension Supine Oblique CrunchBasic LowCompound(Suspension)
Twist CrunchBasic LowIsolation(Body Weight)
Advanced Knee Raise on BallBasic HighIsolation(Ball)
Back ExtensionBasic HighIsolation(Machine)
Ball One Leg Hip BridgeBasic HighIsolation(Ball)
Ball Seated Cable Wood ChopBasic HighCompound(Ball)
Ball Side CrunchBasic HighIsolation(Ball)
Ball Twist CrunchBasic HighCompound(Ball)
Ball Weighted Core RotationBasic HighCompound(Ball)
Ball Weighted CrunchBasic HighIsolation(Ball)
Bicycle Twist CrunchBasic HighCompound(Body Weight)
Cable High to Low One Arm Core RotationBasic HighIsolation(Band or Cables)
Cable Low to High Core RotationBasic HighIsolation(Band or Cables)
Cable Wood ChopBasic HighCompound(Band or Cables)
Crossover Mountain ClimberBasic HighCompound(Body Weight)
Hip BridgeBasic HighIsolation(Body Weight)
Kettlebell Core LiftBasic HighCompound(Kettlebell)
Kettlebell Core TwistBasic HighCompound(Kettlebell)
Modified SupermanBasic HighIsolation(Body Weight)
One Arm Standing RotationBasic HighCompound(Cables)
Opposite Arm/Leg LiftsBasic HighCompound(Body Weight)
Reverse CrunchBasic HighIsolation(Body Weight)
Standing Cable HoldBasic HighCompound(Cables or Functional)
SupermanBasic HighIsolation(Body Weight)
Suspension Knee PendulumBasic HighCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Low Plank to High PlankBasic HighCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Oblique CrunchBasic HighCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Single Arm StretchBasic HighCompound
Suspension Single Leg BridgeBasic HighCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Single Leg Toe TouchBasic HighCompound(Suspension)
Torso BridgeBasic HighIsolation(Body Weight)
Torso Bridge on Stability Ball - armsBasic HighIsolation(Ball)
Torso Bridge on Stability Disk - armsBasic HighIsolation(Disc)
Advance One Leg Hip Bridge on BallIntermediate LowCompound(Ball)
Advanced Ball Hip BridgeIntermediate LowIsolation(Ball)
Alternating Leg UndersIntermediate LowCompound(Ball)
Ball BB Core TwistIntermediate LowCompound(Barbell and Ball)
Ball Cable One Arm TwistIntermediate LowCompound(Ball and Cables)
Ball Hip BridgeIntermediate LowIsolation(Ball)
Ball Low Back Extension with TwistIntermediate LowCompound(Ball)
Ball Lower Body RotationsIntermediate LowCompound(Ball)
Ball Opposite Arm and Leg LiftIntermediate LowIsolation(Ball)
Ball Reverse CrunchIntermediate LowCompound(Ball)
Ball Reverse Wood ChopIntermediate LowCompound(Ball and Cables)
Ball Single Leg BridgeIntermediate LowCompound(Ball)
Chair Knee RaisesIntermediate LowCompound(Machine)
Chair Twist RaiseIntermediate LowCompound(Machine)
Core RolloutIntermediate LowCompound(Ball)
Disk Lower Body RotationsIntermediate LowCompound(Disc)
Double CrunchIntermediate LowIsolation(Body Weight)
Hanging Knee RaiseIntermediate LowIsolation(Body Weight)
Hip Bridge Crossover on BallIntermediate LowCompound(Ball)
Hip Bridge on Ball with Shoulder RollIntermediate LowIsolation(Ball)
Inclined Reverse CrunchIntermediate LowIsolation(Body Weight)
Kettlebell One Arm Core LiftIntermediate LowCompound(Kettlebell)
Kettlebell Turkish Get UpIntermediate LowCompound(Kettlebell)
Kettlebell WindmillIntermediate LowCompound(Kettlebell)
One Leg Core Rotation with BallIntermediate LowIsolation(Ball)
One Leg Plank on BallIntermediate LowIsolation(Ball)
Stability Ball Core RotationIntermediate LowCompound(Ball)
Standing Cable RotationIntermediate LowCompound(Cables or Functional)
Suspension Bridge LiftIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension High PlankIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Low PlankIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Low Plank ShifterIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Low Plank to PikeIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Mountain ClimberIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension PikeIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Prone Ab-AdductionIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Reaching PlankIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Side Plank with Hip DropIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Side Plank with ReachIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Single Leg LiftIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Supine Ab-AdductionIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Torso Bridge on Stability Ball - side stepIntermediate LowCompound(Ball)
Torso Bridge on Stability Disk - 1 legIntermediate LowIsolation(Disc)
Advanced Ball Hip BridgeIntermediate HighIsolation(Ball)
Ball Single Arm BridgeIntermediate HighCompound(Ball)
Disk Core ExtensionIntermediate HighCompound(Disc)
Exercise Ball Knee InsIntermediate HighIsolation(Ball)
Hanging CrossoverIntermediate HighCompound(Body Weight)
Suspension Low Plank to FrogIntermediate HighCompound(Suspension)
Torso Bridge between Ball and DiskIntermediate HighIsolation(Ball and Disc)
Torso Bridge on Stability Ball - 1 legIntermediate HighIsolation(Ball)
Torso Bridge between Ball and Disk - 1 legChallengingIsolation(Ball and Disc)