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Bicep Exercises

StartEndNameDifficultyJointEquipment Needed
Ball Push Ups on WallBasic LowCompound(Ball)
Ball Wall PressBasic LowCompound(Ball)
Basic Push UpsBasic LowCompound(Body Weight)
Bench Push UpsBasic LowCompound(Body Weight)
Easy Basic Push UpsBasic LowCompound(Body Weight)
Modified Push UpsBasic LowCompound(Barbell)
Pec Deck MachineBasic LowIsolation(Machine)
Seated Band Chest PressBasic LowCompound(Band)
Vertical Chest PressBasic LowCompound(Machine)
Wall Push UpsBasic LowCompound(Body Weight)
Ball Overhead Chest PressBasic HighCompound(Body Weight)
BB / DB Decline Chest PressBasic HighCompound(Barbell or Dumbell)
BB Flat PressBasic HighCompound(Barbell)
DB Flat PressBasic HighCompound(Barbell or Dumbell)
DB Incline PressBasic HighCompound(Dumbell)
Functional Chest FlyeBasic HighIsolation(Cables or Functional)
Standing Cable FlyeBasic HighIsolation(Cables or Functional)
Suspension Chest FlyeBasic HighIsolation(Suspension)
Suspension Modified Chest PressBasic HighCompound(Suspension)
Ball DB Single Arm Flat FlyeIntermediate LowCompound(Dumbell and Ball)
Ball DB Single Arm PressIntermediate LowCompound(Dumbell and Ball)
Ball Incline Cable FlyesIntermediate LowIsolation(Ball and Cables)
Ball Single Arm Cable FlyesIntermediate LowIsolation(Ball and Cables)
BB / DB Decline PulloverIntermediate LowIsolation(Barbell or Dumbell)
BB / DB PulloversIntermediate LowIsolation(Barbell or Dumbell)
Bent Over One Arm Cable FlyeIntermediate LowIsolation(Band or Cables or Functional)
DB Flat FlyeIntermediate LowIsolation(Dumbell)
DB Flat Single Arm PressIntermediate LowCompound(Dumbell)
Functional Chest PressIntermediate LowCompound(Cables or Functional)
Incline Push UpsIntermediate LowCompound(Body Weight)
Isometric Ball Chest PressIntermediate LowCompound(Body Weight)
Isometric Single Ball Chest PressIntermediate LowCompound(Body Weight and Ball)
Lying Cable PulloverIntermediate LowIsolation(Band or Cables)
Lying Single Arm Cable FlyeIntermediate LowIsolation(Band or Cables)
Push UpsIntermediate LowCompound(Body Weight)
Standing One Arm Cable FlyeIntermediate LowIsolation(Cables or Functional)
Suspension Chest PressIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Suspension Push UpIntermediate LowCompound(Suspension)
Ball DB Flat FlyeIntermediate HighIsolation(Dumbell and Ball)
Ball DB Single Arm Press with Core RotationIntermediate HighCompound(Dumbell and Ball)
Exercise Ball PushupsIntermediate HighCompound(Ball)
Medicine Ball Push UpsIntermediate HighCompound(Ball)
Advanced Medicine Ball Push UpsChallengingCompound(Ball)
Plyometric Push UpsChallengingCompound(Ball)